Maggie and I are wrapping up our training and are officially in the “taper” stage of our race preparation. We are nine days away from IRONMAN Wisconsin! Here are two finish-line photos from 2002 for Tad and 2021 for Maggie. We are hoping to have updated photos for you on September 11th!!

We’ve had a tremendous response to our fundraising efforts. Thanks to the generosity of 88 friends and family that have supported our efforts, we have raised $336,150!! After the race, we’ll split the proceeds equally between four wonderful charities. And there’s still time to give!! I’d love to see our number of donors hit 100 by race day. If you haven’t donated yet, click on the link that follows and join the team!

We’re heading to Madison on Thursday and will send you updates from there. Thanks for following along, and enjoy the Labor Day Weekend!

Tad and Maggie