Last Sunday, our pastor taught us to share the good news of God’s work to encourage others and display God’s power.  Well, I have an awesome update!

I went in for another surgical follow-up two weeks ago.  At that appointment, Dr. Mike commented that my walk was much smoother than the appointment before.  After running me through some tests, he asked me if I could do a single-leg toe raise on my injured left side.  He was amazed when I quickly did that and enthusiastically cleared me to begin “sport-specific therapy.”  My physical therapist, Andrew, at Odom Health and Wellness, created a program for me to start running the day after my appointment.

Andrew has consistently told me, “If you feel pain, STOP.”  It’s a fine line between discomfort and pain!  Discomfort is natural after an injury like this.  My left leg doesn’t feel like my right because it’s relearning to run.

Therapy and running volume are increasing.  I’m excited to say I ran a continuous 30 minutes over the weekend!  It’s a sign of God’s faithfulness and help that I’m running 2 & ½ months after I had surgery on my Achilles tendon.  We don’t know how this healing will continue, but I’m in awe of God’s power and faithfulness during this challenging journey.