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Awesome inspirational story

“This was an awesome story of unbelievable adversity and how a family, both blood and extended, came together to support this remarkable young woman. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who thinks that God doesn’t answer prayers!”

Mark E , 5 out of 5 stars

A beautiful story told with depth and honesty

“A truly emotional and inspiring book. It’s rare to find a story being told even as it occurs, but this is what happens here. I recommend that you allow yourself the depths to which this book will carry you.”

Mona A, 5 out of 5 stars
Tad signing Redemption Press contract

Tad signing a publishing contract with Redemption Press.

Tad working on book

Tad at work on the book.

Excerpts from 25 Meters To God

It was hard seeing our beautiful Maggie broken, but she’s not beaten. If anyone can overcome this, it is Maggie, and she will, with God’s help!

God told me to keep writing and to be bold.
And then a thought entered my mind: “What happens if you get hit by a bus?”

Today we heard from the law firm that the bus was traveling 55 to 60 kph at the moment of impact, somewhere in the 35 to 38 mph range. We knew that the accident was severe, but this didn’t add up with the information we’d received that Maggie had been thrown “4 or 5 meters” from the impact with the bus.

God didn’t strike me down with a bright light, but you have to admit that how he opened my eyes is pretty dramatic. My daughter whom I love dearly, got hit by a bus, 4,300 miles from home. In one phone call, my life was turned upside down, immediately. This was my “Paul” moment.

As we had been warned and were now finding out, the legal system in Spain is very different from the legal system in the US. We were now being drawn into another battle, one that we didn’t care to enter but were forced to, to protect our daughter legally.