Maggie and I are raising money for our upcoming IRONMAN race on September 11th for four charitable organizations. Today we’d like to spotlight Engage Your Destiny. I encourage you to watch this 6-minute video from Ben Peterson, the founder of Engage Your Destiny.

Engage Your Destiny was created in St. Louis Park, MN to bring honor, healing, and hope to our country’s military veterans. They recently held the Heroes Honor Festival at Daytona International Speedway, where 35,000 people attended, 25,000 of which were veterans or their families. The festival was designed to give a proper “Welcome Home” to our country’s Vietnam veterans, one they didn’t receive 50 years ago.

Engage Your Destiny provides resources to military veterans and their families, designed to bring honor, hope and healing, leading to a world without veteran suicide. Check out their website at And go to our website,, where you can donate to our fundraising and support EYD and three other fantastic organizations!