We Are Getting Close!

I was like a kid at Christmas when Wendy dropped off a package at the office yesterday. The box was “book-sized” and from my publisher, Redemption Press. It contained a preview copy of 25 Meters to God.


Book cover of 25 Meters to God

The cover of 25 Meters to God

I hadn’t thought about what that moment would feel like, but it was quite emotional, especially when Maggie walked into my office to see the book. I’ve been working on this project for five years, but the last nine months have been intense. The excitement and satisfaction of holding the physical book was an incredible feeling!

The book should be ready to order in 3 weeks. There will be a Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook version available. Our website, www.25meters.com, will have a link that will send you to the Redemption Press bookstore to order the book. The book will also be available through the major online retailers, but you’ll get a better price at Redemption Press. If you would like to order multiple copies, or receive a signed copy, let me know and we’ll be happy to get them to you.

We’re posting a lot of content about the upcoming race, our fundraising, and the book on Instagram and Facebook. Please follow/like for updates and share with your friends to help us get the word out. Thanks and we’ll be back to you soon!


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