Hi, everyone – this post comes from Maggie, here to update you on my Achilles surgery, recovery, and rehab.

Last you heard, I tore my Achilles 68 miles into my Ironman 70.3 race in Chattanooga.  I went in for a successful Achilles surgery on June 2nd.  The surgery went as well as it could have, and I was on the road to recovery.

I went through the grieving process during the first weeks of my surgery.  Much of this process was sadness, confusion (and, frankly, anger!) – why was God allowing this to happen when I spent a year training so hard?  I know He loves me, and I’ve seen Him work all things for good with more severe injuries than this.  But haven’t I had enough injuries?!  Why this?  Why now?

I had my plans, but God had different ones.  A friend reminded me that “the heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps” (Proverbs 19:6, thank you, Joelle!).  My biggest takeaway is this – I can’t know what God is doing.  I can’t see His plans for me, and I can’t see what the future holds.  But God knows.

Much good has come out of this period of waiting and slowing down.  A few highlights include the love and support from my friends and family, enjoying the summer on my parents’ porch, playing gin rummy with my Grandma Kay and cribbage with my family, more opportunities to read, getting to know the employees at Lifetime, kayaking on Lake Minnewashta, and sitting on our new deck chairs with my husband watching our puppy, Hobie, play in the yard.

I’m back on my feet and beginning to walk, swim, and bike.  It’s funny how walking 2.0 mph on a treadmill feels empowering after a setback like this!  Although I can’t go at my former pace, I’m on the road to recovery and ahead of schedule.

Where does that leave us?  We still have more questions than answers.  I don’t know when I will recover fully.  I don’t know how quickly I can begin walking and running.  I don’t know when I can go back to training.  My only hope is to run to God with all these questions.  I thank Him for the opportunities He has given me in this time of waiting, and I trust He will turn this trial into good.