Last September when I first had the crazy idea of joining Maggie in an Ironman triathlon, I hadn’t swam for four years. With Wendy paddling a SUP beside me, I jumped into the lake to see if I could still do it. I swam ½ mile with many stops and very heavy breathing, but I was encouraged enough to think I could improve enough to do the 2.4-mile swim in the Ironman.

Since then, I’ve swam in a pool or lake two to three times a week, for 43 weeks. Today marked my 100th swim since last September. I swam in our lake for an hour straight without stopping, about 1.7 miles. I’m not fast, and it will always be my weakest part of the triathlon, but I’ve built up to the point where I should be able to complete the swim without draining myself for the bike and the run.

Do you have something you’d like to accomplish or become proficient at? It could be for your health; like swimming, walking, or running. It could be reading; committing to reading a book or the Bible every day. Or it could be any other pursuit. If there is something out there for you, don’t think about doing it 100 times, think about 25. If you can do any activity regularly 25 times, you will have created the habit and become proficient enough to keep going. You will eventually get to 100 but focus on 25 first. The first 25 times are the hardest, and it will get easier from there.

As you may have guessed, 25 is a big number for us! The book 25 Meters to God will be released in early August. If you haven’t already, check out our website. Share the site and our social media (links: Facebook and Instragram) with your friends. And if you’re feeling called to tackle a new pursuit, tell us about your goals. When you hit day #25 in the journey, we’d love to share your success with our followers!