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I recently signed a contract with Redemption Press to publish and distribute the book 25 Meters to God. The team at Redemption Press has been awesome, and for a first-time author, the process has been eye-opening. As I was told by a friend of mine that has written numerous books, writing the book is the easy part; publishing it is the hard part! The writing of the book has been a labor of love. Much of the content was written in 2014 as we documented Maggie’s accident and subsequent recovery. I’ve had numerous people tell me I needed to turn my journal writings into a book, so it’s been on my mind for a long time. I’ve been writing the book off and on for the last five years, and I’m thrilled to finish the project. 25 Meters to God will be available through Redemption Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,

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Writing a book about an event that happened eight years ago is a great way to remember the past. I’ve been fortunate to have a journal, notes, photos, and thousands of e-mails to help jog my memory. Without those, the story wouldn’t be very accurate. Our memories and recollections of past events fade over time, but there is something else at work too. The speed and change of life give us new things to focus on, to the point where we slowly forget the blessings that God provided in the past. Eight years ago, I vowed to thank God every day for performing a miracle and saving my daughter Maggie’s life. Starting each day with a thankful heart gives honor to God and sets me up for a better day. When it comes to God’s promises and blessings, I will never forget.

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I was out for my long run on Sunday. In our Ironman training, we do a long bike ride with a short run on Saturday, and then follow it up with a long run on Sunday. The idea is that you’re tired coming off the long Saturday workout, which simulates how you’re going to feel during the run on race day. I listen to music when I run, and on this day I was listening to a worship music playlist on Amazon Prime. It was a cloudy day and I was on my 7th mile when the song Jireh came on, a song written and performed by Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music. I’ve heard the song many times, and it has grown on me the more I’ve heard it. Not even a minute into the song, in the second verse, they sing that God would cross an ocean, so

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Welcome to our website

We created this site to share information on an exciting project we’ve been working on. In a nutshell, here is what you’ll find on the site: A summary of our family story that details our daughter Maggie’s accident in June of 2014 and subsequent recovery. Information on the book 25 Meters to God to be released in August of 2022. Maggie and Tad’s training for Ironman Wisconsin, a race they’ll be competing in together in September of 2022. Our fundraising efforts that will benefit four fantastic charities! You can follow our journey throughout the summer at our website, and on Facebook and Instagram. Please share the site with your friends and family too! We would love to recreate the following we had eight years ago at the time of Maggie’s accident, to tell the world about the book, our fundraising efforts, and to support us in the race.

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